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San Francisco Hike No. 3

I think I enjoy hiking in San Francisco similar to the way many of you enjoy hiking in the open spaces. For me the open spaces consist of myriad trees which block panoramic views of the distant scenery. Also the trees look a lot alike to me. Anyway although I know nothing of architecture or about flowers, I occasionally enjoy traveling to San Francisco for a day to view these things. I especially thrill to the many splendid views of the bay area from high up San Francisco’s many hills.

This web site is an attempt to aid you in participating in Bill and Dave’s April 28 San Francisco Hike.

With this lead in, I will now get to the purpose of this page

I think the information in this web site is fairly accurate. But I am sure there are inaccuracies. If a major one comes to light I will correct it and make note of the correction under the Updates tab. Minor updates will be made with out notice. The last date and time the site is updated will be noted on the home page, but the changes may not be logged in the Updates tab. So don’t depend on anything on this site that you may have read at a given time. It is all subject to change and some of the changes without notice.

In any case it is ultimately your responsibility to gather, parse and analyze your own information and act on it if you decide to do this walk.

                                                                                                   James Dennis

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