Dave and Bill Hikes
San Francisco Hike No. 3

Jeff and Ed

One day last summer I was walking to Silver Tree Day Camp and somehow I managed to get hopelessly lost. There wasn’t a soul around. Trying to find my way back to familiar territory I made a couple of attempts at following some primitive paths. But they petered out and I had to backtrack. And then out of nowhere I happened up on two young men. My memory is hazy now, but it seems like they were fixing up a swing from a tree branch. At any rate they were just finishing up some activity.

When I asked them if they knew the way to Silver Tree, they started explaining  a labyrinthine route and my eyes started to glaze over. I guess they saw my perplexity because they offered to guide me to Silver Tree. On the way back I explained my mission of gathering information for the Dave & bill SF walk. And in turn I learned from them that they grew up playing in the canyon. Ed said his brother was (or is) a counselor at the Day Camp in the summer for Kid’s activities.

Just before we parted, I asked if I could take their picture for our web site.

Jeff & Ed