Dave and Bill Hikes
San Francisco Hike No. 3

Jenny, Jean, Rich, & Jon

Rich & party

I had made several visits to Glen Canyon Park on week days. There was a flurry activity of kids engaging in activities at the Silver Tree Day Camp classes. Then one Saturday last fall I went to there around noon to visit  the picnic area. Since the policy is no reservations I wanted to see how busy it was on the same day of the week and time we would be having our lunch. It was virtually deserted. So that was good news. But I wondered what was generally the case on a Saturday. Shortly thereafter I crossed paths with the foursome in the picture. I asked them if they were residents of the area. When they replied yes I explained my mission of scouting for a future walk for a Santa Rosa hiking group and asked them the question that was upper most on my mind. They told me that what I had observed that day was the norm.

In further conversation with them I learned this was a serendipitous (for me) crossing of paths. I had stumbled onto two members of the Friends of Glen Canyon volunteer organization (Rich and Jean) and two city park employees (Jenny and Jon). Furthermore Rich was president of the Friends organization. He is very involved with stewardship of the park including trail maintenance. I think of him as the counterpart of Dave Chalk and his park work in the Sonoma Valley.

They were a very congenial group. Jon asked me questions about our walk route and length.

Rich gave me the name of a contact at the Police Academy to inquire about parking in the area. He also gave me with some color brochures of flowers in the Park. I left with his email address and have electronically asked him some follow-up questions.