Dave and Bill Hikes
San Francisco Hike No. 3

Bus to Noe Valley

Don’t think that because we will be descending into the Noe Valley the steep grade won’t be that much of a problem. Going down can be harder on the joints and muscles than going up. It is only one (long) block, but that is all it takes to cause some internal injury.

Regular hikers will likely negotiate this fine. But others would be wise to avoid hiking it. Save your body so you can enjoy future hikes.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit walking in the Noe Valley. You can avoid the 25% grade descent and the 26% & 22% grade climb back out by taking a bus there and back.

Learning to use the San Francisco’s multi-mode public transit system can be both an adventure and a worthwhile educational experience.

After lunch at the mid point of the Glen Canyon walk, we will complete that walk and then return to the assembly point. After a restroom stop there, we will start the Noe Valley walk.

Someone will accompany any people that choose to take the bus into the Noe Valley. We will meet there with the hikers and regroup according to which people want break to do the Part4 hike and those that don’t. So people will be splitting up for the different hiking options and some people might want to spend extra time browsing shops. Therefore it is likely that some people will be busing back to the parking area, either in small groups or individually. But with the information you will glean with the ride there coupled with your having previously studied the next section: Bus-from-NV, and having a printed copy of the walking map from the return bus stop to the assembly point, you should feel comfortable doing this.

It’s about 3/10 mile to the bus stop from the assembly point.

On Saturdays, in the daytime, Bus No. 48 is scheduled to stop every 20 minutes. Regular bus fare is $2; it is $.75 for those 65 or older. You need to have the correct amount. Ask for a transfer slip when you board. It is good for about 2 hours. You can use it to return if you come back within the time marked on the paper slip. Otherwise you just pay again.


Click to view (and optionally print) walking route from the assembly point to the bus stop


In addition getting the correct bus number, you need to be concerned that it is going in the direction you want to go. If you do the above visual verification you will be okay in this instance. In any event if you are not sure, before boarding and paying ask the driver if this bus is going to the Noe Valley.

You want to get off at 24th street and Castro. Use the following map to monitor your progress.

Click to view and print the bus route back to  the Noe Valley

After passing Diamond Street (not Diamond Heights Boulevard; they are different) pull the cable running along the inside of the bus to signal the driver you want to get off at the next stop, Castro street. If you do this correctly a red light up front and towards the ceiling, should indicate: stop requested. If this doesn’t happen, tell the driver you want to get off at the next stop, Castro street.


The bus stop you get off at on returning from the Noe Valley is located in a considerably different location from this one.  See the information in the tab TheHike->Bust-from-NV for details.



As a check point that you are at the correct stop, rest your mouse pointer on the following thumbnail to see a pop-up photo of a road sign you should be facing.