Dave and Bill Hikes
San Francisco Hike No. 3

We will assemble at Christopher Playground near the intersection of Duncan St. And Diamond Heights Blvd. There are restrooms here. See TheHike->Restrooms tab for details.

Parking is at the San Francisco Police Academy. There are a number of routes one can take to get here. Driving directions and companion maps are given as a suggested route to get from Santa Rosa to the assembly point. Ultimately though it is up to you to do your own research, (online maps, paper maps, GPS, etc.) and plan your route. If you are using a GPS device the address of the San Francisco Police Academy is 350 Amber Drive, 94131-1630; I don’t think it is displayed on the outside.

The suggested route builds on the one used for our two previous SF Walks. So this should aid former participants. However there is a new stretch to be negotiated. In particular, the last quarter of a mile involves a myriad of connecting and curving streets. Some streets can be passed twice while going in the same direction.

Maps for Driving Directions to the Assembly Point:


Text of Driving Directions:



Driving To the Walk


Start Early

On April 28, there will be construction on Doyle Drive. Although this road is not part of our suggested route to the assembly point, it connects with it and may cause traffic congestion for us. Even though it is a weekend, traffic might be backed up approaching, crossing, and even for a little ways beyond Doyle Drive.

Ctrl-Click to view SF Chronicle article in tabbed window.

There may not be any or only minimal problems with traffic due to Doyle construction. But if you want to be prepared to take an alternate route, check out link to verbal directions below. These alternate directions have not been independently verified. You would have to take two sets of verbal instructions, standard and alternate. (On the other hand you may well decide this is information overload and just travel with only the above standard directions.)

Both the standard and alternate verbal directions use the same 3 maps. But the overview map was updated April 21 to also show the alternate route.

Text of Alternate Driving Directions: