Dave and Bill Hikes
San Francisco Hike No. 3

Private Carpools


You are strongly urged to carpool, either in a Dave&Bill sponsored one or a private one with friends. The optimal parking spots are along the curb adjacent to the Police Academy on Amber Drive. If the bulk of us carpool then hopefully most of us will manage to park there. Other advantages of carpooling include defrayal of transportation costs and having others help navigate through the city to the parking destination.


This section is about private carpools: those informally formed by friends and family members. It can consist of two or more people in the same vehicle.


We also want to hear from people who plan to participate in someone’s carpool

For last year’s hike we belatedly requested, via email, the following information.

· Do you plan to  form a private carpool?

o If so, who will be part of your carpool?


· If not forming one, will you be participating in someone else’s carpool?

o If so, whose carpool will you be joining?


The bulk of people responded with useful information. However a single digit (actually a low, low, low, single-digit) percentage thought this was an intrusion into their privacy.  We  infer they thought the request asking for names was unwarranted. And they were objecting to the redundancy of asking leaders of a carpool and participants to both identify themselves.


We may request this information again this year.


While we received a lot of responses last year, there were some inconsistencies.  For example persons A  and B  might be forming a carpool, both naming person X as a participant, and person X responding he/she was in person C’s carpool. By contacting the various respondents we could clear up the  discrepancies and get a more realistic count of what to expect.


We aren’t trying to get this number down to a 100% accurate forecast. We know that  situations leading up to the walk can be in a state of flux and uncertainty and some last minute changes may have to be made. We  just want to, without being intrusive, try to realistically predict the number of parking spaces that will be required.