Dave and Bill Hikes
San Francisco Hike No. 3

Feb 28

· Added tab TheHike->CautionaryNote
My impressions after recently completing the full walk.

· Added tab Transportation->AcademyParking
40 cars from our group can park in the SF Police Academy Parking lot.

· Added tab TheTeam on the top level menu
Tells about the people in the orange vests

· Release of Liability Disclaimer must be signed at sign up on the day of the hike.

· On home page, added names of team members that will help lead walk.

· Numerous typo corrections.

Mar 7

· Opened registration early: Mar 7 instead of April 1

· If April 28 date has to be postponed, it will not be rescheduled for May 5. Instead, at a later date it will be rescheduled for some time in the Fall.

· Reformatted the Mission Statement (on the main menu bar).

Mar 26

· Added Connections tab (abbreviated CnXns) to main menu bar.

April 8

· Several Corrections to Transportation->Driving-To-Walk page.

· Canceled Part 4 of our planned walk.

· Changed meet and departure time for Petaluma Sponsored carpools

(Transportation->Sponsored Carpools).

April 12

· Added Warning to Home Page and Transportation->Driving-To-Walk alerting people to possible traffic delays the day of our hike.

· On Transportation->SponsoredCarpools page, added offer by Richard Kempe to form a carpool from the Napa area.

· Updated Noe Valley Walk map on TheHike->Part3 page.


April 14

· Emphasized walk is for both moderate and hard-core hikers.
See Home page, tab
TheHike->Introduction, and tab Register/Cancel->Register.

April 15

· Added pop-up photos of Glen Canyon Wildflowers and Feathered Friends brochures.
See tab

April 21

· Revised TheHike->Introduction to state that Meeting Place has been changed from Christopher Playground to SF Police Academy Parking Lot.

· Revised Transportation->Driving-To-Walk by adding clarifications to last 1/3 mile.

· Revised Transportation->Driving-From-Walk by adding clarifications to first 1/3 mile.

· Added alternate driving instructions, in case of major congestion due to Doyle Drive construction to Transportation->Driving-To-Walk.

April 25

· Emphasized SF Police Academy address

o It was already stated on Transportation->Driving-to-Walk page. I changed it to bold font.

o Still on Transportation->Driving-To-Walk page, I added to map pointed to by link
Click to view (and optionally print) Detail Map Nbr 2

o Added address to Transportation->Parking->AcadmemyParking page.

April 27

· Updated Transportation->SponsoredCarpools page for new departure times for Santa Rosa and Petaluma carpools.

April 28

· Expired Website

o Home Page (including registration counter)

o Registration pages













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