The Hike

The Hike

San Francisco Hike No. 4

Hike Date:        Saturday, April 27        (backup date: September 14)

Start Time:       10 AM   (Please arrive at least by 9:30 AM)

Meeting Place:  Bernal Heights Park (south side)

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The walk is about 6.2 miles with a number of hills and stairs. Depending on your speed if you did the entire walk, including a 45 minute lunch break and time browsing the shops, should take several hours There are several options to shorten the walk. More details are below.

With a fair amount of carpooling, there should be enough parking space to accommodate up to 80 participants. An online Registration form is available on this site. After registering you will be assigned a confirmation number which you can print. Treat the print copy if it were a concert or theatre ticket; bring a copy to sign up at registration.

There will be a sign-up sheet the day of the walk. You will also be required to sign a Release-of-Liability form. We will hand out name tags to help keep us together in this urban setting.

We are asking a $5 donation per person. Many of the best walks, including this one, are located deep in residential neighborhoods. Access to public restrooms is not always available. Sometimes we have to pay for weekend access to restrooms in some parks along our route(see Restrooms tab) and generally we have to pay the city for a permit to eat at the park. Also we need to build up funds for future walks in the city; the fees for some walks could be considerably higher to get access to the necessary facilities. The donation jar will be placed next to the sign-up spot.

This 6.2 mile walk is divided into four parts.

  1. Bernal Heights Northeast (2.9 miles)
  2. Farmers Markert (1.3 miles)
  3. Cortland Ave shops (.3 miles)
  4. Bernal Heights West (1.7 miles) (We will eat our bring-your-own lunches here.)

There are options to terminate the walk early

  1. At the end of the Bernal Heights Northeast walk  (part 1)      
  1. Shortly after Farmers’ Market walk                    (part 2)

The elevation gain for the walk is about 1,538 ft.

The walk is mostly on pavement and stairs. The difficulty of this walk is judged to be about that of an average Dave & Bill hike.

The first several hundred yards of part 1 can take one of two routes:

  1. Go to the top of the hill, walk a ways, then make a somewhat precarious descent.
  1. A pleasant walk along Bernal Heights Blvd.

In either case we we will all be joined back up  in a matter of minutes. If you have the time before the walk starts, walk to the top (it is paved) and visually check out the dirt-path descent; then decide what route you want to take. Ask any of the team leaders, people in orange vests, for directions.

Jim Dennis will lead those that choose to take Bernal Heights Blvd.

There are no restrooms at the assembly point, but there are some near by. It is about a 6 minute walk to the restrooms. There is a bit of a challenge - the grade on part of the street is 14% and the grade off the hill is more than that.  Also this also means there are no restrooms at the end of the hike. Either do the short walk, again, to  the restrooms or make plans to stop off on the way home.

During the walk restrooms should never be more than two hours apart. Be aware the park/restroom in the middle of part 1 is a little bit on the seedy side; but I have observed children playing there,  and a lady sitting alone and reading a book. For more details click the TheHike->Restrooms tab. Also there will be information about restrooms in the descriptions of the individual hikes.

Traditionally Dave and Bill have a policy of hiking rain or shine, but they make an exception and include a backup date for the S.F. Hike due to the fact that the sightseeing experience on the SF hike would be greatly diminished in foul weather.

At Bill and Dave’s discretion if it looks like inclement  weather is imminent for Saturday, April 27, they might postpone the walk until Saturday, September 14. Notices to all registrants, via email, could be sent as late as 8 PM Friday, April 26. So check your email before leaving for the hike.

If the walk is postponed, all registrations will be voided. A new, independent registration process will be conducted several weeks prior to the September 14 walk date.

Some things to think about:

Don’t over do it!
If you were to do just part of the walk, you would likely find this amply rewarding. It is far wiser to just enjoy yourself. And you can always purchase a copy of the Stairway Walks book and come back to do another walk.

Some more Dont’s

Some differences from our traditional hiking in parks are:


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