San Francisco Hike No. 4

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the following:

Walks in scenic neighborhoods.

o Become familiar with names, and their locations in the city, of neighborhoods.

o Promote awareness of community spirit.

Maintenance and improvements of many of the parks we visit are provided by active volunteer neighborhood groups. The work with the City in prioritizing goals and contribute funds and physical labor to mae them happen. In other words they are the counterparts of Dave, Bill, and other people.

Additionally people from these organizations have been instrumental in aiding us in planning and conducting our walks. Examples are:

Nancy Stafford of the Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood association.

Rich Craib, president of Friends of Glen Canyon Park volunteer organization.

o We strive to show that San Francisco is communities within a community. West Portal and Noe Valley are just two examples of residential neighborhoods with many single proprietor shops.

In later years, after we have visited several more interesting neighborhoods, we may extend our walks into the more traditional tourist areas.

Walks that:

o Are similar in length to those we do in the Sonoma Valley.

These are wide sweeping walks.
It is hoped they will inspire some of you, armed with the resources listed under the
Sources tab on the main menu bar, to come back and explore on your own.

o Have terrain similar to what we encounter in the Sonoma Valley. Examples of this are the .38 acre Mt. Davidson and the 60-plus acre Glen Canyon Park – both nestled in this major urban area.

o Have stairways, a salient characteristic of San Francisco’s hilly terrain.

o Have ubiquitous panoramic views.

Walks with Early Return options.

o Due to the steep hills and numerous stairways some of these walks are quite strenuous. Where possible we want to provide still scenic, less taxing options.

Use and familiarity of public transit within the city.
Limited parking and traffic congestion are major downsides to driving in San Francisco.

o Sometimes we incorporate options and assistance in use of public transit as part of the walk. Examples include taking the light rail in Walk No. 1 and bus in Walk No. 3.

Carpooling to the Assembly point.
As stated above there is limited parking in compact San Francisco.

o We promote Dave & Bill sponsored carpools from Santa Rosa and Petaluma.

o We urge participants to form their own private carpools.

Website with extensive pre-hike information about

o The area we will be walking in.

o Driving directions.