San Francisco Hike No. 4

Registration is required to participate in this walk.

The registration system consists of five tabbed actions that enable you to:

  1. Register yourself
  2. Update your registration
  3. Cancel your registration
  4. Change your password
  5. View or print your registration confirmation

In the first process, Register yourself, you enter your email address and a password. These two parameters will allow you to perform the actions in steps 2 through 5. See the tabbed pages for details; video tutorials are included.

There is a pink box, with a link, near the top of the each of the five tabbed pages that when clicked displays the form for the desired action.  Hopefully, the video tutorials will help if you have problems with any of the above five actions. There will be a limit of 80 participants.

A confirmation number will be assigned after registration.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the assembly point. Signing in will be required. It is not a requirement, but you can optionally print a copy of your registration confirmation and bring it to  sign-up on the day of the hike. Name tags will be issued to help keep us together in this urban environment.

This SF hike is not sponsored by the Valley of the Moon Natural History Association, the County Parks or the State Parks. All registrants will also be required to sign a Release of Liability form the day of the hike at the sign-up table.