San Francisco Hike No. 4

We will assemble on the south side of Bernal Heights Park. Heights Blvd. There are no restrooms here. See TheHike->Restrooms tab for details.

Parking is on the right side of Bernal Heights Drive and east of Anderson Street (see tabs TheHike→Parking for details. There are a number of routes one can take to get here. This route has not been verified by driving it. Driving directions and companion maps are given as a suggested route, for you to further checkout yourself, to get from Santa Rosa to the assembly point. Ultimately it is up to you to do your own research, (online maps, paper maps, GPS, etc.) and plan your route. If you are using a GPS device an address near the parking area is 61 Anderson St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Maps for Driving Directions to the Assembly Point:

Text of Driving Directions:

Driving To the Walk (NOT Verified)

Optional Holly Park Restroom Detour

If you prefer NOT to walk to the restrooms from the Assembly Point,

Click to view (and optionally print) Restroom Detour Map (on the way to the Assembly Point)