San Francisco Hike No. 4

This section applies to people coming from the East Bay.

We urge you to consider taking public transportation.

You can accomplish this by first taking Bart to the 24th St. Mission station. This does not apply to the Fremont - Daily City and the Richmond - Daily City Bart lines. They do not start early enough on Saturdays.

This will work for the Pittsburg/Bay Point - SFO/Millbrae line.

It will also work for the Dublin/Pleasanton - Daily City line.

If necessary you can take the Richmond - Fremont line to get to one of the above two trans-bay lines.

Check the Bart schedules for Saturday and time it so that you arrive at the 24th St Mission station around 8:45 AM to 9 AM.

After exiting Bart at the 24th St. Mission station, go to the southwest corner of Mission and 24th St. Take one of the following Muni buses:

You shouldn’t have to wait more than 12 minutes for one of the above buses.

I don’t know the cost of a bus ticket. Carry plenty of change.

Either carry along good SF street map to monitor the bus trip or make do with the one below.

Click to view (and optionally print) map to monitor Muni bus trip

East Bay

Rest mouse on pointer thumbnails for pop-ups.

At Mission and Courtland you could wait for the Muni No. 24 bus going east. But it is probably faster and more fun to just walk to the starting point. Use the following map to guide you to the starting point and to also make a restroom stop first. It is recommended you stop at the Bernal Heights Rec Center restrooms (behind the library) or purchase something from one of the cafe’s and use the restroom while there.

Click to view (and optionally print) Restroom Detour Map (on the way to the Assembly Point)

To Return Home

To return home, walk back to Courtland and Mission. Turn right on Mission, staying on the east side of that street, and look for a bus stop. Make sure you will be going in the opposite direction of when you were coming to the walk.

Get off at the 24th ST Mission Bart Station.