San Francisco Hike No. 4

Dear Hiker,

This year’s hike is in the Bernal Heights Residential area, about a mile east from the starting point of last year’s walk; there are multiple vantage points to view points of interest from that walk (e.g.  Billy Goat Hill; the asymetrical spires of St. Paul’s Church).

Our thanks to Jim Dennis for putting this hike together. Additionally, we'd like to thank Sheryl King, Lynn Pelletier, Scott Lewis, Mike Noel, and Dennis O’Dea for joining us on the pre-hike and helping lead the hike.

This hike is NOT sponsored by Sonoma County Regional Parks, California State Parks, or Valley of the Moon Natural History Association.

Bill & Dave


                                                                    Bill & Dave

Announcing the Fourth Bill & Dave S.F. Walk

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April 27, 2013

6:36 PM

Assembly Point: Bernal Heights Park (in background, south face)


We urge you to bring your own lunch. Generally there is a long wait if you purchase a sandwich from one of the eateries; we won’t be able to wait for you but will give you directions to the lunch site. It will be up to you to make your way there and eat quickly enough to be able to continue the walk with us.